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Our Promoting Independence Fund was set up following a bequest from the late John Leonard who received support from Colebrook and went on to live independently.

The Fund has since been added to through fundraising and is used to support our clients to promote their independence by:


-Equipping someone to move into their own home


-Offer well-being activities to help people


-Run courses and activities to achieve personal goals


The Fund was recently used to support two of our clients to advertise and display their artwork at a local pop up gallery.

art exhibition4                                      art exhibition5

What your gift will mean to our clients:


-Day trip for clients

-Run a cooking course

-Provide move on packs for clients moving to their first independent home



-Computer equipment to allow clients to learn vital skills for securing employment

-Grants for furniture for clients moving into their first independent home



-Supported holidays

Smaller Donations can help clients:

-Travel to visit family

-Attend events to improve their confidence and social skills

-Allow clients to join sports clubs

-Help clients to purchase items for their room

If you would like to make a donation to Colebrook please click on this button:

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