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01752 205210

As a user of any Colebrook Service there are many

ways you can get involved!


  • take part in our surveys

  • attend a consultation event

  • attend a social event or trip

  • become a volunteer within any service

  • join the Quality Eye Group


If you are interested in any of the above please contact the Quality Eye Group
(Client and Service User Feedback)

By email: QualityEye@colebrooksw.org

By phone: 01752 205210 – please ask to speak to Leanne, Kris or Paige

Or talk to your support worker.

Quality Eye

The Quality Eye group meet regularly to monitor the quality of the service delivered by Colebrook (SW).

It is made up of representatives from all the services Colebrook has.

We monitor the quality of the services by:

Talking  to other people

Doing surveys

Give feedback to managers updating

Reviewing  policies

Being included with recruitment

Supporting events

Developing links with the Board of Directors

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Check out the latest Quality Eye newsletter!


We want to increase the membership of this group to include people from all Colebrook SW services!

We need members with:


For more information please get in touch:


Speak to Leanne, Kris or Paige on 01752 205210 or speak to your support worker


Check out the latest Quality Eye work plan!

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