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01752 205210

An Introduction to Our Service

Head Space offers an out-of-hours service for people who consider that they are approaching  a mental health crisis. The service aims to provide a non-clinical setting with a safe, calm and structured environment, where individuals can go to access peer support.


07890 257614

line open during opening hours only – see poster below

Head Space

Staff and volunteers will be on hand to provide support in both 1:1 and group settings, with the goal of de-escalating crises, setting achievable goals and (where appropriate) working with the Wellness Recovery Action Plan. Onward referrals/signposting will take place as required.

Clients do not need a formal appointment. However, a prior telephone or email contact, with relevant information from services would be most helpful.

Individuals can also self-refer to Head Space by attending during our opening hours.

Intoxication will not be a barrier if there is no disruptive or violent behaviour.


See services offering mental health support in Plymouth and other areas:

Why not be a peer supporter?

Opportunities are available now…

People who have experienced mental health issues, or care for those in mental distress, can offer privileged insight and understanding and draw on their own experiences to help others.

Get involved, develop skills, help the wider community and be a positive part of change.

Our statistics

In the last quarter of 2019 we spoke to and helped over 1000 people. 

After tallying up the numbers we produced a short video showing the statistics from October, November and December 2019.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support! 💜

Head Space is there for you when times get rough. In the last quarter of 2019 we spoke to and helped over 1000 people 💜 After tallying up the numbers we produced a short video showing the statistics from October, November and December last year Thank you to everyone for the continued support! 💜

Posted by Head Space on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Who’s appropriate?

  • Anyone who believes they are approaching a mental health crisis


  • Is open to the idea of talking to a peer member/or receiving support

Who’s not appropriate?

  • Those experiencing acute mental ill health or a psychotic episode

  • Anyone exhibiting aggressive/violent behaviour

  • Individuals whose issues are not related to mental health

The service aims to achieve several outcomes:

  • Reduce attendance and reliance on statutory services (particularly unscheduled care and ED department)

  • Reduce contact with the crisis response mental health teams if support can be provided more appropriately

  • Reduce impact on Police, including time spent dealing with mental health issues

  • Reduce inappropriate admissions to hospital

  • Promote recovery offering activities that increase confidence, social networks and tackle isolation

  • Raise awareness of mental health and promote earlier intervention

If you decide to visit Head Space:


You will be actively listened to

You will not be interrogated

You will not be given unsolicited advice

You will not be judged

You will be accepted for being you

You will be acknowledged for your strengths

You will be treated as a person and not an illness

The Head Space service has been commissioned by:
The NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group & is managed by Colebrook SW

How to get here by bus

How to Get Here

This year our Volunteer Team were awarded the Community Spirit Award from Devon & Cornwall Police!

Police Volunteer Awards

Our Ethics

Service User Feedback and Testimonials

“Feels like a safe place, always somebody on hand to talk to when in crisis. Other service users are friendly. Was wary to come following past experiences – it’s really different.”

“Supportive, feel understood, can talk about anything.”

“Brilliant service would recommend. I have trust issues but felt safe here. Didn’t realise how beneficial this service would be for me. Would’ve ended back in prison if they hadn’t helped me.”

“This service is a life saver. I would be much worse if I couldn’t come here. Having someone to listen to when things are difficult is a life saver.”

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