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Employee Support Packages

We can provide employers with a package delivered on your site that offers support to any of your employees whose work is, or may be, affected through stress, poor mental health, problems at home or struggling to achieve the right work / life balance.


Our support will build resilience in your employees, as a result these packages can help you reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism, which in turn can help with reducing sickness and overtime/cover costs and improving productivity.


Your package will be co-designed with you to fit the bespoke needs of your business and could contain any of the following:

  • Individual face-to-face support with the employee over an agreed number of sessions to understand the issues, putting in place a bespoke 6-week package of SMART Planning support.
  • Action plan to help them stay well after the sessions have finished
  • Referrals to specialist services as necessary.
  • Focussed Group Support sessions on specific issues or to provide ongoing support after the individual support has finished
  • Workforce workshops / training on specific issues such as stress, getting the right work / life balance
  • Training Line Managers on how to recognise and support staff with stress and / or poor mental health
  • Elearning, workshops and other resources for you to use internally

If you would like a quote tailored to your business or more info, you can discuss your needs with our SATCom Managers on 01752 211242 or by email SatComMT@colebrooksw.org.

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